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Alert! Growth Opportunity Ahead

Mistakes happen for a reason. Now I know when you’re in the middle of having something horrible happen to you it doesn’t feel good. A lot of times you feel like “how did this happen to me?” or "I can’t believe I messed up so bad, what is wrong with me?” Self blame. Criticism. The ego always goes to self blame, never to what we can learn from this episode. Just remember that blame only comes from the ego - it doesn’t come from your source. Or your spirit self. There is no blame from Spirit. Everything is a lesson. And no I’m not saying if a terrible natural disaster or other tragedy occurs that there is some meaning or reason for that. I don’t pretend to know everything. I think sometimes just bad things happen. And we can't explain them. The blunders I’m talking about are if you make a mistake at work that ends up costing you your job or you gave a report to a client that you thought was fantastic but they said it was way off base. Ugh. Red-faced. Embarrassed. Angry. The times that leave a trail of nausea in the pit of your stomach and make you feel about 2 inches high. These boo boo's happen to everybody but at the time it can certainly feel like we are all alone in our mistakes.

And accompanying this feeling there’s usually a sense of shame and regret associated with it. Note to self: These things are your souls warning signs to **pay attention** because there needs to be some learning and course correction. This isn’t the time to hide or avoid the matter or to not take ownership. Sometimes when we mess up it is embarrassing. And we come down on ourselves harder than anyone from the outside. But it is important to own up to our mistakes, to apologize if necessary and take the next steps forward.

What are the next steps? They are to be honest with yourself and ask what can I learn from this? Often when we are in the throes of an issue or something has gone wrong (and something always does at one time or another) we need to try to step back and understand what is there to learn here? Why did this happen to me now, at this time in my life? This is so we can repair whatever broken pieces there are and move forward in a more complete and transformed way. This is essentially the process of life. Finding where there are broken pieces and repairing them. It’s not always comfortable and it doesn’t always feel good but it’s essential for our souls growth. And that is why we are here. We’re here to make mistakes. After all earth is the classroom of life. And nobody gets 100 on every assignment. Sometimes there’s things circled in red on your paper and you look at it and say “ Rats, I thought that was really good". But there’s always room for improvement for everyone. So let me tell you a little story. I was recently at the UPS store. I needed to mail a package and there was a line. I took my place in line and started to fidget on my phone, look around and wonder how long was this going to be. After waiting five or ten minutes I realized I had a choice to make. I could get annoyed, arrogant and wonder why *I* had to wait so long or I could settle into it. Settle into the waiting. So I decided to choose option number two. And I started ask myself why was I here at this moment? What was I supposed to be learning? And as I stood in this line for let me tell you close to 30 minutes I realized for me this was all about patience Believe it or not I am not always the most patient person in the world and it is something I am working on. But I realized as I was in this line waiting for my turn instead of getting mad and being frustrated I had an opportunity to work on myself. The universe always presents you with opportunities you just need to pay attention to them. So as I stood there in this line for what objectively was a good length of time, I was smiling. Because I had risen above the ego and the exasperation and I was able to just be in the moment and be at peace. #Winning.

So next time something irritating happens and you feel disappointed or let down, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. That everyone on this earth has experienced something similar at one point or another. And that this is just a signal from the universe and from your soul that this is your opportunity to grow. It’s like if you were cooking an amazing meal. Before you set the meal out to friends you would do some tasting along the way. Perhaps it needs more salt, or there’s not enough vegetables or you need to cook it a little bit longer. As you go along transforming your dish there are adjustments to be made. That doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible cook - it just means you’re imperfect and you are seasoning the dish as you go. And that’s what we’re all doing here. We’re cooking ourselves until we’re good and ready to be served. Ok that’s a weird analogy but you get the point. Just know that we’re all here learning and whenever mistakes are made the important part is not to spend a lot of time getting down on yourself and beating yourself up. Instead ask yourself “What can I learn from this and how can I move on to make it better for next time?". That’s my motto - Keep moving forward. Don't stay stuck in the past ruminating on your errors - Move forward and use each setback as an opportunity for growth and abundance. So don’t let the lack of seasoning in your dish hold you back. We’re all here standing at the stove trying to make the best darn meal we can. Don’t give up on yourself - your dish is already fantastic.

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