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Mentorship Program 2024


Mari is offering two

Mentorship Programs starting in

October of 2024 for students who are looking to grow in their gifts.

All Mentorships are currently

FULL as Mari catches up on her

rather lengthy waitlist!!

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Animal Communication

Do you often wonder what your animals are thinking? Do you know they're trying to tell you something but you're just not sure what it is? If you're looking to connect more with your animals or perhaps explore working in the field of Animal Communication then Mari can help guide you. We will explore different techniques of connecting with animals, find out and discover your "Clare" senses and learn how to get in touch with your Spirit self. There will be weekly homework assignments and Mari tailors each mentorship to the student's individual needs.

Psychic Discovery

Are you interested in getting in touch with your intuitive self? Everyone is psychic -

it's just a matter of knowing how to read the signs and trust the intuitive hits and feelings that you get. Mari will provide you with multiple exercises and be your guide inside the spiritual realm.

We will also work with many tools that help develop your psychic gifts including Scrying, Oracle cards, Photo reading, Automatic writing, Pyromancy, and others


Whether you have never worked with the intuitive or animal communication world and would like to know how to start, or you are looking for guidance on how to grow your gifts, Mari is able to guide you and provide the gentle nudge you need to continue blooming.

All sessions take place over Zoom, Skype, or the phone.

Sessions are 1 to 1 so you have Mari's undivided attention.


For 2024 Mari is offering a 4, 8 or 10 session mentorships. The sessions can be once a week or spread out over a couple of months. We will sit down & set up dates and times that work for us both. Please note Mari works primarily during the day so please keep this in mind for scheduling purposes.

All students will receive a certificate of achievement once the mentorship is completed.


4 session is $849

8 session is $1649

10 session is $1999


Each session is an hour plus and will include homework and practice for you to do in between sessions.


Please email Mari at

and let's connect! 


Recent feedback from an Animal Mentorship Student: 

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