What is Mediumship?


Mediumship is simply connecting with loved ones who have passed over into the Spirit world. These loved one connect to me through a series of pictures, feelings and symbols. These very specific images and feelings are unique to each client and offer evidential proof that I am indeed bringing through your loved one.

As we sit together your loved one will usually offer a shared memory and more details of their life here on earth. As I connect with them, my goal is for you, the client, to be able to feel the presence of your beloved. Connecting with the Spirit world is an otherworldly experience but there is definitely nothing to fear. The Spirit world is only filled with love and they come through to offer support, give guidance and let you know they they are indeed ok. 

Sometimes when people sit with me they want a certain Spirit to come through. Please understand that I'm not able to guarantee who comes through ever. It's actually not up to me - I am just the conduit. That being said, most of the time I am able to connect. Usually the Spirit that comes through is the person that you most need to hear from at the time. If someone is in deep grief, or the Spirit has passed very recently, sometimes that blocks the ability of them to come through. During your session please be open to whatever communicator reveals themselves as they usually have

a very important message they are trying to convey. It helps if ahead of time, you can sit in reflection thinking about your loved ones that you are missing. This builds an energetic bridge prior to our session and makes connecting to them easier.

If you are yearning to connect with a loved one who has passed, a Mediumship session will give you much comfort and peace.

Groups, Classes and Demonstrations

Mari is available for public mediumship demonstrations and large group readings. Smaller group readings can be conducted at her office in Westford, MA.


Mari also offers classes and seminars on Mediumship, Animal Communication and Finding the Psychic Within throughout the year.


Please fill out the contact form to inquire about booking Mari for a group demonstration or class training. 

*Due to her schedule, Mari no longer offers home parties


What Clients are saying...


"Mari is truly a gifted medium! She conducts herself with such professionalism, and her readings are not only accurate, but conveyed in a very loving way. She was able to bring forth my great grandmother, and I could feel the love she was sending. I highly recommend Mari to anyone looking for Spiritual guidance! She's a beautiful soul inside and out."

Maria Z.





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