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I had a reading with Mari on January 3, 2019, to connect with my dog Sophia who passed on December 19th. She described my Sophia's personality so accurately and told me things only Sophia would know. I highly recommend her and will definitely be booking another reading. She made me feel so much better knowing my baby girl is happy on the other side ❤

Angela I.

"I can't express my amazement and gratitude to Mari enough. She gave us endless support, comfort and validation when we recently lost our dog Eddy in a mountainous region in Ireland. Over the 6 day period that our dog was missing, Mari told us many places she had been spotted. She was able to precisely describe locations in the village and 6km (4 miles) away where we had last seen Eddy. Our dog is very anxious and was always on the move, so this was a difficult challenge. We were losing hope but Mari kept us going.

Throughout the process, Mari provided us with so much proof that she was following Eddy - For example; She accurately described a house in the village where our dog had been - We checked with the homeowners and they said a small dog fitting Eddy's description had scampered from there a day earlier. 


Mari also had a heavy connection with the Number 6 and a Red Cloth Flag. Where we lost Eddy is a logging area (unknown to Mari) and this red cloth flag is tied to the gate when the loggers in that area leave for the day. This was important information - And the number 6 was everywhere - it was posted on a old sign at the log cabin right where we lost her AND Mari also said we'd find her on the 6th day - and we did!!!


We found her at 6pm, on the 6th day she was missing right next to the gate with the red cloth flag no less!!  Red flag and 6-6-6.

We are beyond amazed at Mari's abilities - and I would like to add that there is no way on this planet that Mari would have had prior knowledge of the geographical area where we are located. Thank you Mari for giving us our baby back."

Jo M.  - Ireland

"Mari has a unique ability to instantly connect on a soul level with your dearly departed. She is thorough and detailed with her information. I was actually taken aback at how accurate she was the first time we sat together. Her compassionate nature assists her to deliver information in a way that is very soothing. Mari is often able to pinpoint exactly why at this particular time in your life your loved one is deciding to present. At times allowing her intuitiveness to guide her. The angels enjoy connection through Mari as is quite evident when you sit for an angelic session. Mari's fabulous ability to connect to the animal realm in Spirit will literally leave you breathless. It is a very particular skill and gift to be able as a Medium and Intuitive to connect with the animal realm and Mari's grasp of this is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend that you find time to have a session with Mari whether in person or remote. You will be most pleased. "


Julie Ann Gadziala, Director of New Hampshire Metaphysical

"I've been having a lot of trouble making a very important decision since my dads passing. I thought if I went one way, be leaving him, and my connection to him, behind,...and if I went the other way, I'd be too lonesome without him there anyway. Mari was able to connect with my dad, and bring me the answers I needed, that could only come from him. Without mari's help,...i don't know that I could have ever made this decision on my own. Thank you Mari from the bottom of my heart. Maybe now,...ill be able to let go and move on. After all is said and done, memories will be with me forever."


Patty A.

“When I first came to see Mari I wasn’t a full believer of the whole psychic process. However, after a few minutes it was clear just how incredible she really is. She knew things she had no way of knowing - it was amazing!  Since then I come by to get a reading every few months.”

Marjorie R.

"Mari is very knowledgeable and gets to the heart of the matter. She gives guided accurate readings without having real information to go by. I will be contacting her again in the future, whenever I need that extra knowledge or wisdom."

Tatyana V.

"I heard about Mari from a friend and booked her to find out about my cat Mickey that had passed. She asked for a picture of Mickey and she did the reading online. She told me stuff my cat used to do that there was no way of her knowing. I knew then she had connected with Mickey in spirit. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me the peace of mind that my fur baby is ok."

Jackson L.

"Medium Mari did a reading for my fur baby that is deceased and told me several things she could not have known, toys he loved foods and his illness very intuitive, and gifted wow. she spot on. if you need to have someone connect with your pets living or deceased please message her for a appointment you will not be disappointed she is truly gifted and amazing psychic medium very loving and caring and I felt so blessed to have her make connection with my little fur boy on the other side great job well done mari thank you and god bless you will return again love and light"


Sherry S.

"Medium Mari is the real deal. I was looking for some insight into my love life (or lack there of I should say), and Mari was so supportive and her guidance was right on. I learned a lot about myself and felt really empowered when I left. Definitely go see her!"

Margaret S.

"Mari is just amazing!!! She helped me answer the heart wrenching question of grieving pet owner. Louie was my rescue dog -a toy poodle mix. He was my love, joy & comfort. He got sever seizures & the meds were not working. The pain of watching these & his suffering...resulted in making the difficult decision of having to say goodbye to my love! Did I do the right thing, was it the right time, could I have done anything else??? She answered all these questions & gave me so much reassurance. She provided so much information with only a photograph of my dog! Mari... helped me again when I lost my 2nd dog Charlie - a Cock-o-poo in December 2017. Pet owners heartbreak to lose two pets in one year! Again another major health issue and I had to make that heart & gut wrenching decision! Charlie loved me so much… he had separation anxiety when we were apart. He was always by my side and gave me unconditional love! Again, amazingly Mari healed the questions in my heart when Charlie also became very ill and I had to make that difficult heart wrenching decision to lose my boy after 14 years!!! She will leave no doubts and bring you comfort & peace!!! I highly recommend her ... you will just love her!!"

Lucy R.

"A few weeks ago, Mari did a reading on my dog 'Shiloh'...He's an English Blue Mastiff...Shiloh's intuition on Humans is amazing...I have Anxiety/Panic Disorder and my B/F has Asthma, When he uses his nubulizer, Shiloh gets his favorite toy and puts in on his lap, he does the same thing to me....Mari was Spot On with her reading, She said Shiloh is a Babysitter, a Gentle Giant, Loving Heart...She read him like she actually knew him...I would recommend her for Any Of Your Psychic Needs <3 Thank You, Mari"


Doris G.

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been unable to sleep and was reading and re-reading your email to me. Thank you so much for your amazing reading of my beloved Socks who has sadly crossed over. However, I was still puzzled over the “jewelry box” that you mentioned. So from my bed, I looked up at two of Socks’ pics that I have temporarily displayed in a small metal tray, he’s “watching me ” from that vantage point all the time. I’d never use this metal tray for jewelry per se, but is now being used to prop his pics up so they stay mounted and I can see him. So I go on to Google to research “jewelry boxes” ideas and I come across a tray that is sectioned off; and is plastic. But a tray none the less. I’m thinking that this could work like a jewelry box and I then proceed to read the product description. OMG ...  and there is the confirmation in black and white : it's called “SOCKS” tray.

It gets better !!!!!!!! So my heart is beating wildly and I jump out of the bed and run over to my baby’s pics mounted in the mesh tray. Lo and behold, behind the metal tray are two small white jewelry boxes that I bought awhile back to package some bracelets I’ve been meaning to make for some friends. Two small jewelry boxes !!!! His clues to you were spot on!! There was **no way** you could have known that this was in my bedroom unless Socks showed you. Yay!!


OMG — I am so happy right now! I won’t be able to sleep now !!!! My baby is here! He’s around! I just had to tell you this. I believe that validation from your clients fuels your skill set and I just couldn’t keep this from you. I know that you’re aware of and confident about your gift, but gurrrrrrrrrrlllll ... you are on point! 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 



Lisa from NYC

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