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What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is just what it sounds like - talking with your animals! How I communicate with animals is similar to how I connect to people who have passed over. Since energy is the same in all beings, I am able to connect energetically to your pets and hear what they want to say to you. When I connect with your animals I tap into their essence and receive images, words or full messages. Each animal is different. And you would be surprised what they tell me sometimes! Spirit doesn’t die when an animal’s body stops working, so I can still connect with your pets who have crossed over to the other side.




Please remember that I have no control over what an animal tells me. If you have a preconceived idea of what you "think" the animal will say, please try and let that go. Being open in a reading is the key to receiving a good reading! I can't promise that your pet will say what you want them to but I can tell you that Spirit never wastes a message.  Check out my reviews and testimonials too :)

Set Up Your Animal Intuitive Reading Today

Animal Communication - 15 min
15 min
Animal Communication - 30 min
30 min
Lost or Missing Animal Consult
1 hr
Lost Pets Again

Lost and Missing Pets

Sadly, sometimes pets get lost. Or run away. This is something I can help with. By energetically tuning into the lost animal, I can help find them. I work one on one with the client, giving them clues provided by the animal to help pin point his/her location.


The reading will be sent to you via email as this provides written information for pet parents to follow up on. After the reading I usually like to connect with the client over the phone just to review the information I have been given and to help narrow down a search area. When you have begun to search for your pet, I am also happy to look at photographs and/or videos of the area in question as I can usually tell from a photograph whether your pet has been in that area or not.


It is extremely important to follow up on all the information I give you, no matter how

random it may seem as you never know which question asked will be the one that brings your baby back home.


Please note I am not magical and cannot guarantee I can find your pet. I do however

have a very good track record of finding missing animals. Sometimes if the pet has passed, clients do find comfort in the closure a reading provides.


Please look at my Found Animals tab to see success stories of just some of the animals I've found.​


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