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Next On Scene Podcast

Upcoming Business Stars

hosted by Jackie Zuk

Mari talks about her psychic journey, shares interesting stories about connecting with people and pets and the vital importance of self-care.


October 19th, 2021

on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms

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Two Middle-Aged Men in Cleveland Podcast

Drops October 13th, 2021

Listen to Mari on a fun romp of a podcast with the Two Guys Ted & Ken. Mari reads Ken's dog to rave reviews


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On Itunes and other platforms


Harvey Brownstone Interviews

hosted by Harvey Brownstone

Join Mari for a fun & fascinating look into the Spirit world, what happens after we die, and her process of communicating with animals. 

Watch HERE - Sept 20th, 2021


The Host With The Most Podcast

with Todd Newton


Apple Podcast drop August 10, 2021

Emmy Award-winning E Television host 

Todd Newton talks to Mari about how she connects with Animals and about Past Life readings

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Spirit and Destiny Magazine

September Issue 2021

Read about Mari's mediumship work with animals and people as she talks about connecting with the other side

On Sale at newsstands in the U.K. in August and available online HERE

Messages from Spirit Event

Featuring Mari Cartagenova & Katherine Glass

Mari Cartagenova & Katherine Glass will do a beautiful and healing mediumship demonstration where they will connect with your loved ones and pets that have crossed over.

TBD Fall/Winter 2021

Healing Essence Center

West Concord, MA


Self-Care For Healers Masterclass Series

Join Mari and many other Internationally renowned experts for a Free 14 day Online Masterclass where you will learn to overcome your fear and regain control of your life!

December 2021

Awakening Moments Energy Healers Convention & Expo


New Date: Rescheduled Fall 2022  

Radisson Hotel Nashua, NH

Mari will be doing readings and teaching

a class on Animal Communication

Past Events


The Psychic Medium Summit

Featuring Medium Mari 

Hosted by Central Mass Serenity

Join 5 popular Psychic Mediums

from all over New England for a

full day of learning & readings!

November 2020

Vegas Supernatural Radio

with Rev. Shawn Whittington

Listen Here

Psychic Fixes Facebook LIVE Show

hosted by Debbie Duncan

Watch HERE

Through The Static Radio Show

hosted by Steven The Medium

Listen to Medium Mari and Steven the Medium on WARA 1320AM

Listen LIVE

Evening of Messages From Spirit

with Medium Mari & Katherine Glass

Healing Essence Center

October 2019

WOOFSTOCK Dog Festival 


Saturday September 21st  

Hudson, MA

Pet Rock Festival

Proceeds benefit New England

Animal Welfare Organizations

September 8th 2019

North Grafton, MA

Life, Laughter, Happiness Radio Show

Hosted by Jonathan Alexander

Mari gives mini-readings to

People and Pets

Sovereign Self Radio Show 

by Voice of America

hosted by ZofiaRennea Morales

June 24th, 2019

Listen Here

In The Psychic Flow Radio Show

Hosted by Carolan Carey

Recurring guest 2019

Spirit Messages Gallery Reading

The Falls Event Center Manchester, NH

with Mediums Bonnie Page & Nancy Smith

May 4th 2019

Lunare New England Mystics Fair

October 2018

Hunt Memorial Building

Nashua, NH

Gallery Reading with Lisa Williams

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

June 2018

And many more...