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Eddy was lost in a 6,000 acre mountainous region of Ireland called the Slieve Bloom Mountains last Sunday Sept 3rd, 2017. She was on a walk with her family and got spooked and ran off. Her family was desperate to find her and called me in to see if I could help. As a member of the Pet Detectives, I asked Spirit to please help me find this little baby who is only 12 months old. And even though I live over 3,000 miles from this area in the United States, I know energy is the same everywhere and that God willing, SPIRIT would provide the messages. Knowing nothing more than the name of the town and the dog, I set to connect to my guides and Spirit. Throughout the course of 5 days, Eddy gave me many, many signs that were confirmed by her owner. She described exact buildings she had been to in this tiny village. She showed me the very tall pine trees that they log there, a particular bench were people sat,a playground where kids play and the unusual shape of the church steeple. Over the course of the week Spirit gave me hundreds of pieces of evidence that were validated by her owner. One of those bits of information was “I’m seeing some type of red cloth or scarf “ which I didn’t know what it was – The owner confirmed that the Loggers use a long red sack as a sign when they are working in the forest. They leave it hanging on the gate while someone is working there and then remove it when the last truck leaves. More on this later -

I also kept getting the number 6 – The owner then told me that the spot she ran away from was next to Cabin number 6. While I appreciated this, I knew Spirit had more about number 6 for us. I felt that on the 6th day, Eddy would be found. And as Divine timing would have it, when the owner went back to the gate where that red cloth was, she found Eddy! And today, the day she was found, was day number 6 of her being missing. Spirit is truly amazing!

I am so blessed to be able to help people through this work. If you know anyone who has a missing pet or just wants to communicate with their living or past pets, feel free to contact me or my team of Pet Detectives at


Eddy cuddled up on her owners lap.

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