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Listen Live Every Sunday 8pm

Hi all! I've been delayed in getting up this blog post, so my apologies. I wanted to say that I am now Co-Hosting a Radio Show with the New Hampshire Medium, June Elaine Evans and her Spirit husband Jerry. The show, "Happy Hour with June & Jerry" is on BlogTalk Radio every Sunday from 8 - 9:30pm EST. (Sometimes Jerry has a trick up his sleeve and we will go til 10pm, but shhhh....don't tell anyone I told you).

Every week we will take callers questions LIVE or in Chat, and give readings. We also will feature a different guest Psychic or Medium each week to give readings.

Here's the number to call in and cue up for a FREE READING:

(929) 477-4066

We try and get to everyone but if we can't, check out the Chat Room - You can post questions, interact with other callers and the Mediums as well. Here is the chat link:…

This week Pamela Marie Edmonds is our very special guest. She is an amazing gifted medium, psychic and animal communicator. The show is very fast paced and fun - tune in and join the party!!

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