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What to do about FEAR

I want to talk about fear. Fear is something that we all encounter. But I am talking about fear of your own success. When we work as a medium trust is the most important thing that you can possibly have. I know it sounds obvious but unless you trust what you’re getting from Spirit you can get all in your head and cannot get a clear message. I find with the new students that this is the most difficult hurdle to cross. Everyone says to me “how do you know it’s from Spirit and not from your own mind?” With practice, you are able to distinguish between your own thoughts and things that are coming in externally from Spirit. But the only real way you can do that is to let go of your fear and allow Spirit to work with you. When the fear is in the way it makes this almost impossible.

This can be applied in many aspects of our life. Not just mediumship. People are afraid to step out of their box, out of their comfort zone to do things that their soul really wants them to do. Everyone’s been told by other people in their life or their family or friends that they should do this or they should have this kind of job etc. But only each individual’s soul knows what is actually correct for them. Many people sleepwalk through life - going to work, going to school, or taking care of kids without ever really touching what their soul yearns for. And I feel the most sad for these people. Maybe you are one of them. But I can guarantee you if you’re reading this blog your soul is ready for an awakening. And I congratulate you on finally listening and taking the next steps. So keep reading….

I believe that everyone is on this earth to do something. I truly am convinced that whatever gifts you have you are here to use them to better mankind and help others. I realize this sounds incredibly trite. But honestly, if we’re not here to make a difference in the lives of others and the elevation of humanity then what are we really here for? I know that fear is scary. I work with so many clients who stay firmly planted in their heads because the fear will not let them move where their soul wants to take them. And I understand. I’ve been like that myself. But you have to realize that you are in this incarnation, in this body, in this particular life only once - and you only get one chance. I do believe in reincarnation and feel we get many chances to live over and over again. But this is as different people. We only get this one chance to be who we are now. And you’ve heard all the commercials like Nike “Just do it” or “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. And if something sounds cliché usually it’s because there’s some truth to it. I encourage everybody that’s reading this blog to really take some time to ponder this idea. It only has to be maybe 5 or 10 minutes but take some time and sit with yourself. Sit in the quiet place, or walk in nature and try to get out of your head. What that means is try to let go of what’s in your head and drop down into your body or soul self. I believe you can feel your soul, your spirit more in your heart center but definitely not your head.

Try to get into your body and feel what it’s telling you. Not about its aches and pains but more about what will nourish your soul. If you jump back into your head and start hearing “oh you should do this, you should do that” then you know it’s not your soul. It’s just the voices of all the people that you’ve met over your lifetime telling you what you “should” be. Which is not necessarily what you were meant to be. Know that you are an eternal being and that you can actually do *anything* if you decide that’s what you want to do. I see you there, shaking your head saying “no, that’s not possible, I can’t live my dreams”. But I can tell you can. Why? Because I’m doing it myself. Once I thought I could never do this work. I couldn’t even imagine giving messages from Spirit. I thought “how could I possibly do this? I’m just a mom, I’m nobody”. Well I’m here to tell you that if you decide that you want to follow what’s in your heart, then Spirit and the Universe will not let you down. I promise you, if you start to follow your true path doors will open, windows will open, secret passages will open - there will be openings for you to move forward if you look. It’s only when you find roadblock after roadblock and you know deep in your gut that what you’re doing isn’t right for you that you will realize you need to take another path.

I assure you that when she start listening to your soul, the once insurmountable looking obstacles will soften a little. And no, I’m not saying that when you’re on your path that everything is easy breezy and there are no challenges. This is not true. Of course there’s always challenges but when you’re really pushing in the wrong direction those roads are really bumpy and ultimately closed. When you’re pushing in the right direction there will be some bumps here and there and you might find some resistance from others, even yourself. However, what you will feel in your body, your heart and your gut chakra is that it’s right. So keep going. Don’t give up on yourself. I wish you all tremendous success on your new journey.

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